Actueel weer
Zondag 30 september
Do 1 okt 33°regenachtig
Za 2 okt 33°regenachtig
Zo 3 okt 33°regenachtig
Actuele waterstand
Zondag 30 september
WeersvoorspellingPeak flow level (cm)
Minimum 660
Mean 663
Maximum 666
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Recent news

Recent observatoire news

OPIDIN predicts high floods in Inner Niger Delta

The flood prediction tool OPIDIN (www.opidin.org) predicts a high flood in the Inner Niger Delta in 2016. Based on the hydrological data of the Direction National Hydrologique and the water levels at Mopti and Akka, a flood level of 657 cm at Mopti is calculated by OPIDIN. This flood level is comparable to the high levels of 1976 and 1999.

Workshop Observatoire

Today, Thursday the 31st of May the second version of the Observatoire is presented during a workshop in Bamako, Mali. During this meeting the progress, data and information are shared with the stakeholders involved.

New website OPIDIN | 2 August 2018

The website OPIDIN for the forecast of the maximum flood peak and the inundations in the Inner Niger Delta is renewed. The Section on Rainfall offers a quick view on the current rainy season. As in former years, there will be a weekly bulletin with the prediction of the flood this season. Have a look a the new site!