Actueel weer
Zondag 30 september
Do 1 okt 33°regenachtig
Za 2 okt 33°regenachtig
Zo 3 okt 33°regenachtig
Actuele waterstand
Zondag 30 september
WeersvoorspellingPeak flow level (cm)
Minimum 660
Mean 663
Maximum 666
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OPIDIN predicts high floods in Inner Niger Delta

The flood prediction tool OPIDIN (www.opidin.org) predicts a high flood in the Inner Niger Delta in 2016. Based on the hydrological data of the Direction National Hydrologique and the water levels at Mopti and Akka, a flood level of 657 cm at Mopti is calculated by OPIDIN. This flood level is comparable to the high levels of 1976 and 1999.

The highest flood level at Mopti is foreseen to occur at 19 October. Downstream of Mopti, the levels are then still rising. OPIDIN predicts that the peak levels at Akka are reached between 22 and 26 November, and between 3 and 11 December at Diré. The last decades the cattle was allowed to cross the river at Diafarabé in November. This year that will not be possible, since the floodplains will then still be fully inundated. These floodplains will become available as grazing grounds for cattle in the first half of December. The 2016 flood will also be higher than in 1994 and 1999. These three years have been very wet compared to other years since 1970. Compared to the situation before 1970, 2016 can be considered to be a "normal" year.

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